Engineering company R2C Market

We create technologies to implement your ideas.
We specialize in automation of business in the field of intralogistics, fulfilment and automation of warehouse processes. You have the idea of ​​a new product - we have a team that will create a turnkey technology: from the concept to the result ready to go to the market.
Expert review
Expert review
Calculate the profitability of creating technology and product output to the market
Development of software and prototype
Development of software and prototype
Create a working prototype with full technical documentation and management software
Legalization and certification
Legalization and certification
We will provide complete legality of technology on the required deployment area
Prepare ready-made manufacturing with suppliers, contracts and licenses.

Stages of work

  • Simulation modeling
    Simulation modeling
    We begin to work with the creation of a simulation model, fully describing the processes that will occur in the system, as well as the conditions of operation. The simulation model allows you to evaluate effectiveness, as well as see the risks and weak points of the project even before creating a physical prototype. At this stage, we study various operating options and the ability of the system itself.
  • Economic model
    Economic model
    Based on the simulation model, we have the opportunity to calculate the economic model, taking into account the available and potentially available resources, as well as foreign economic relations. In fact, at this stage we can understand the profitability of the technology.
  • Check on patents
    Check on patents
    Next, we check the project for the presence of constraints related to patents. In the event of identifying such restrictions, we return to the first step and we build a new simulation model, replacing approaches and methods protected by patents.
  • Check on the possibility of certification and legality
    Check on the possibility of certification and legality
    Working out technology for the customer, we check it on compatibility with the requirements of the territorial deployment. The legislative base in Europe, the United States, the Russian Federation and other countries is different, and may require specific certification. We check every detail of the prototype for compliance with current standards and regulations, the legality of the use of materials and the technological process of production.
  • Check compliance with environmental standards and requirements
    Check compliance with environmental standards and requirements
    World and local environmental norms affect economic profitability and on the technological possibility of project implementation. We find a way to implement the project to a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.
  • Development of the simulator and software
    Development of the simulator and software
    Making sure that the project successfully passed all previous stages, we proceed to developing software and test it to work on the simulator. Thanks to virtual tests, we achieve correct work of software, not at risking a real physical prototype.
  • Creating MVP (Hardware and Software Levels)
    Creating MVP (Hardware and Software Levels)
    We begin the physical implementation of any idea from creating a minimally viable product - we allocate several paramount tasks and develop a prototype and software that ensure the required functionality. This allows in a short time to get feedback from users, and to further adjust the secondary functions on the already working model.
  • Testing and validation with simulation model
    Testing and validation with simulation model
    Testing prototype We constantly process with the results obtained at the imitation modeling stage. When real results fully coincide with the calculated model, testing was completed successfully.
  • Industrialization solution
    Industrialization solution
    At the exit of all previous stages, we get a viable, working, cost-effective and absolutely legal technology. The last stage is the development of production, which includes the search for materials and performers, conclusion of contracts and logistics solutions. All this we also take on yourself, and you get a product ready to output to the market.